Informative Speech About Karma

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Great evening everybody

Welcome to listen to my speech. Before we start, can I have a question to you? I would like to ask, do you guys usually speaking without thinking? Some people may think twice before he speaks, but some may not. Or do you know about consequentialism? People who calculate the result before action. These two question both have the same idea, think. Think what? The answer is because and so.It likewise has a name, called Karma. According to Oxford dictionary, is the total of a person 's activities in this and past conditions of presence saw as choosing their destiny in future presences in Hinduism and Buddhism. Sounds very important, isn 't it? Let`s we find out how valuable it is, shall we?

Karma can help you to
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Second, you can learn to accept that things just happened and forgive through Karma in order to make a positive relationship. A situation is liked, one of your friends lied you. Normally you will feel really angry and hate that person. But in Karma, a person did that must have his/her own reason. You should investigate the reason and trust him/her and look forward and move on. Try to make this situation better like acknowledge his/her own problem and solve it together. When I was in high school, my friend lay me for money. At that moment I felt angry with him. But after I calm down, I know his economical problem with his family and I choose to forgive him. If you can do that, you are such a kind person and send the positive attitude to people who surround you.

However, somebody does not face the fact and think the problem not objectively. Like a classmate I met, he copied other 's idea but he did not admit his wrongdoing and thought that another classmate copied his work and he started to hate that person. According to Karma, this guy did not act to show his responsibility and forgive himself for his mistake. Not just he feels irate, but also people who around him feel shame on him as he turned the gun on them. It shows him a negative and person and the one who doesn 't care to take care
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