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Makeup has transformed the lives of so many individuals. Makeup is a part of your life. The main reason why makeup started was to help conceal facial features that people were insecure about. Yet, makeup has now helped so many people in their daily lives, whether it be in their occupations or their general self-confidence. The stereotype that makeup is used to impress others is as far off as one can get. No one would put so much time, effort, and education into something that is only to impress others. Of course, it is nice to present our self-expression to others, but it all reflects how one feels. You can change it depending on your mood, the event, the time of year, or the day to reflect how you feel inside. A lot of individuals who believe…show more content…
I wear makeup for myself. It is a great confidence booster as someone who has had issues with my appearance in the past. There are makeup products for every feature for one to enhance any features he or she pleases. When I do my makeup routine, I like to start with a priming moisturizer, called "Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer" **show the class the primer**. For those who don 't know what that is, primers are meant to moisturize your skin and prepare it for the makeup you are applying so that the makeup can stay on all day. Next, I like to move to my eyes. A lot of people like to do their eyes last, but it usually takes me the longest and I can sometimes make a mess, so I really like to get it out of the way. I first like to outline and "wing" my eyes with a liquid eyeliner, which is essentially meant to make your eyes pop and enhance them. I like to use the "Kat Von D Ink Liner" **show the class the eyeliner**. I love winging my eyeliner because my eyes are definitely my best features and enhancing them more makes me feel incredibly…show more content…
I don 't think there 's any shame in wanting to do those things. Makeup is fun - it is art. Makeup is an art form for those of us who are really terrible at actual art. I have always loved glamour. It has always made me feel so happy and brings me joy, and I don 't think we can look down on anything that brings anyone joy. The important thing about makeup is that realization that you don 't need it. I used to sneak into my mother 's room and get into her makeup when I was a child; however, in my teens, I did develop an unhealthy relationship with cosmetics and viewed makeup as a mask because I had such bad redness. Now I don 't use makeup as a mask, but I definitely like to wear foundation to get that airbrush effect on my skin. I usually like to use "Kat Von D Foundation" **shows foundation to class* because it has really good coverage and works great for sensitive skin like mine. Foundation also gives me that "airbrush" effect and is genuinely a huge confidence boost. After foundation, I put concealer under my eyes, called "Maybelline Fit Me Concealer" **shows class concealer**, which is a type of foundation that

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