Informative Speech About Materialism

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Materialism in the society General Topic (Subject): Materialism General Purpose : To inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience why people became more materialistic. Central Idea: About materialism, the good and bad impact of being materialistic in the society. Method of Organization: Cause-Effect Introduction i. A fool and his money are soon parted. A foolish person usually spends his money carelessly. ii. Materialism worsens and petrifies everything, making everything hard and every truth false. Preview: Today, I will tell to audience about materialism, why people are obsessed about it the positive and negative side of being materialism in the society. Body 1. About materialism. A. Materialism refers to a theory…show more content…
3. About the negative side of being materialistic among the society. A. On the other hand, materialism may also create greed in a person. The desire to possess things and appears better than other may even go beyond the actual wants and need for them. It may be excessive. For example, Christina was known to possess six thousand pairs of shoes. That absolutely too much. i. Having more than one actually needs constitutes greed and can become a problem if one continues to buy things too much rather than on rational thought. If one is not careful, one might end up end up being in debt or harassed by loan creditors from whom money was borrowed and not repaid. As the phrases, “ Money and desire are great servant but as a bad master”. ii. Materialism can also push a person to break rules to get what he wants. A person can resorts to fraud and crime. Instead of earning money from honest work, these people prefer to lay their hands on money the easy way which in turn makes life miserable and fearful to others. The greed for material things have made people throws away moral values to the
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