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The sound we have chosen is vital to how we build and create atmosphere within the spot. Luckily, we have found the perfect inspiration in the ‘Muppets’. You have to admit it, there is some kind of eternal joy of Muppets singing - something that is hard to fully explain about nostalgia, and childhood, that transports us back to a place when we felt as if the world was still ours to grab with both hands. - something that is really emblematic of that wonderful optimistic energy that inspires us - and hopefully our audience, leading them on to dream up possibilities for the future, with a soundtrack that is so synonymous with the spot that on just hearing a few chords the viewer feels that fuzzy warm sentiment of chance.

But to keep
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So not only, our X generation and millennials, but also a few little ‘token’ extras, like a grandmother or late starting ‘starter-upper’, which we will throw in a melting pot with the rest to push, again, the idea of dreams having no limits.

Finally, as mentioned, we also need a bit of theatre, and whilst most people can hold a tune and have a boogie, most just look awkward doing it. So, we’ll include a few professionals to the mix to polish the overall aesthetic of the more elaborate scenes. It doesn’t need to look like a Gene Kelley throwback, but it would be good to have a crew of dancers who will function as the "company" or ‘chorus’ and reappear at repeated intervals throughout the spot bring a bit of ‘pazazzzz’ to the film.


So all there is really left to say is thanks for asking me to treat on this project. I think its great and with lots of opportunity to create something that people love to watch, talk about, and be inspired by. As always I see the creative process is an ongoing one so if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.

And thanks, I really enjoyed working on

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