7 Minute News Dialogue

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Alaura & Fani Welcome to 7-minute news, we are Estefania Hernandez and Alaura Lewis.
Alaura: We have very shocking news for you guys today it is 8:00 A.M and, we had just received news that 1 plane was flown into the Twin Towers of the world trade center in New york.
Fani: We have a live stream of what is happening there, We will go to Jorge Orozco who will explain what he’s seeing live.
Alaura: Jorge, what are you seeing, what is happening with the northern tower.
Jorge: well Alaura and Estefania we think that it is a plane problem or a pilot problem.
Jorge: This plane was crashed into the belly of the northern twin tower, that caused a big explosion
Jorge: this is very devastating for many families, it was just out of nowhere everything was going as a casual day
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The rest of the week seems like it will be pretty much the same, on the 13th there will be a slight chance of rain. Now we will go to alaura lewis in sport, hello alaura give us a brief summary of the sport of football.
Football alaura: the New York Giants began referring to themselves as the NYPD Blue, running plays in practice with names like "rescue" and "explosion." They had lost in the Super Bowl the season before and expected to return and win. The captains recited an informal motto between 100-yard sprints at training camp: "Be ready to sacrifice."
Alaura: Now we are going back to more tragic new about the twin tower attack
Fani: We have more shocking news, we have found out that our airline planes were hijacked by Ziad Jarrah, one of the members of Osama Bin Laden. This wasn’t an accident it seems like it was planned.
Alaura: But why would they want to do something this bad!
Jorge: Well Nobody's knows but we think it’s because they want to destroy us because we have such a wealthy and rich country, and New York is the most popular and successful state.
Fani: Oh my!
Alaura: wow this is a terrifying thing what is it like there
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