Informative Speech About Shaq

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Shaq signed with reebok because they were offering him the most money and they wanted an icon like shaq to be a part of their business. In 1998 reebok released shaq because he wasn’t selling enough shoes and then in 2008 he signed with the company Li Ning. Shaq also sucks at free throws and his free throw percentage is under 500. When you have a 7 foot 1 man playing in the NBA, you’re bound to have big feet (size 22 to be exact). With the average male in the U.S. having a 10.5 shoe size, he doubles most Americans. His foot is 50% bigger than the average NBA player. When I run, I make a lot of noise with my feet, but imagine Shaq’s feet. I think that the camera men probably think it’s a stampede. Shaq has a very interesting nickname, his nickname is the rainbow man. Shaq has that nickname…show more content…
Nobody really know who gave him the nickname ‘’Rainbow Man’’. I think who gave him the nickname was ether a fan, magazine, or maybe a announcer. Have you ever broken a backboard? Probably never, but imagine doing it. Think about the rim breaking away from the glass backboard, shattering in the process, raining down on the other players.That’s what Shaq did. Except he did it 3 times. 3 times! It was more common 30 years ago then it is today, because the rims have give more to the ball. If I could dunk like that, I wouldn’t be in school, I would be in the NBA. According to Backboard Shattering, “Breaking the Backboard is part of the Sport, along with alley-oops and 3 pointers. Shaq has four rings from four NBA championships. He has three championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and one with the Miami Heat. Shaq almost a full and of rings from just NBA championships! His first ring he won was in 1999 with the Los Angeles Lakers, his second one he won was with the same team and in 2000. His third one he got was also the same team in 2000.Shaq went back to back to back with his NBA championships! Then he got traded to the Miami Heat and won one more of his four championships in
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