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Intro Have you ever known a town named Williamsburg in USA ? This Town is one of the most important towns of American History. Good afternoon, everyone. I’m Thitirat Chunlaphan Today, I will talk about Williamsburg, The small town in Virginia, United States of America. First, let me tell you the brief history of this town. And next, I will update the current situation of the town. Finally, I have some experiences to tell you about living there for a while. Ok. Let’s start with the first point. 1 You might be amazed how this town important to both American and English History Williamsburg is one of the American Historical Triangle. Maybe it’s hard to imagine why they are called triangle. So this is the map that shows you clearer explanation why it’s called Triangle. Three small cities that form the triangle are Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. It’s bounded by the…show more content…
Then, let’s move to next point. 2 Well, how about this time? What’s happening in Modern Williamsburg now? Colonial Williamsburg is the restored Historic Area of the town. The site remains full of the real feeling of English Colonial Village. Now, it’s one of the tourist attractions in Virginia State that you should not miss. It attracts more than four million tourists each year. Most of them are the American themselves. By the way, if you want to see more about history, you can also travel to Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown by using the Colonial Parkways which is the road that connects three cities together. Nowadays, there is not only Historical Attractions but also the amusement Park there. Busch Garden is one of the well-known Amusement Parks in USA, located near this town. It’s the big one in Virginia. And there is a famous water park named Water Country as well. Now, you know the Williamsburg in both old side and Modern side. The last one, let me tell you more from my own experiences.
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