Informative Speech: An Attention Getter For Fast Food

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I. Introduction A. Hook/Attention getter: “Fast food” is named as fast food because of the whole process from ordering, preparing and serving the food just take several minutes. B. General statement: Fast food is becoming more and more popular among people around the world because of the changing of lifestyle from the past times to the present times. C. Thesis statement: Due to the convenient, affordable price and good taste of fast food, consumption of fast food is rising according to studies but it also brings negative effects on our health in the long run. II. Body A. Topic sentence: Fast food restaurant such as McDonalds (McD) or Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) are available almost anywhere in the world, and you can even get it with a simple phone call and get it delivered right in front of your door step or by ordering through their websites without leaving your work desk. 1. Supporting point 1: Nowadays we can see these fast food restaurants in almost every shopping mall and there is at least one of these franchised restaurants in each area of the city and still increasing in number because of the high demand. a. Sub-supporting point 1: Although there are lots of choices of food inside a mall, but people often choose fast food as it is affordable and yet it is tasty and filling at the same time. b. Sub-supporting point 2: For example, in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, there are a lot options of food to choose but the two franchised McDonalds are still always

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