Informative Speech Analysis: 'The Adventure Of Sang Kancil'

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1. INFORMATIVE SPEECH First of all, this speech analysis is based on the informative speech or story telling session by one of my group member that was held in conjunction with Kulliyyah of Languages and Management Festival (KLM Fest). We as one group told a story of The Adventure of Sang Kancil where every member told a different story of Sang Kancil and then was combined together as an adventure. I would like to analyze the third presenter from my story telling group which is Aida. Her first approach when comes to her turn was good where she mentioned that she will continue for the next adventure, so the audiences know that is another adventure. She shows happy facial expression at the beginning of her story to connect and attract the audiences. Her story line was very simple for the target audience to understand and appropriate and simple language were used throughout her story telling which suitable for the audiences. The presenter also includes demonstration or action needed in a certain part and combined with her variety of intonation which makes the audiences can feel and understand the real situation that she tried to tell. This part plays an important role in order to reduce the barriers where the audiences might be easily boring because they do not understand the story. Clear pronunciation of words and good volume of voice were also applied by the speaker to ensure her audiences understand her words. Aida used pictures as a presentational aid to help the

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