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General Purpose - To inform Your Topic: Dental Specific Purpose: At the end my speech, I want my audience to understand that never to underestimate the power of teeth has on one’s life and what can be done to avoid horrific consequences. Attention Getter will be: Questions: Are you ever self-conscious about teeth when smiling or ever thought how it could affect many aspects of your life? Preview (thesis) Statement: Our teeth play an essential role in physical appearance, emotional and social contributions, and food and overall health. Transition: Most us in the room are teenagers or young adults and probably care about how they are perceived by others. I. Main Point #1 In today’s society physical appearance plays a huge role. a. Self- Esteem is all…show more content…
Some may hesitate to smile, talk in public, may feel embarrassed, or even get teased by others. iv. All these factors can often lead to low esteem resulting from a poor self-image which can lead to depression and overall health Transition: Which leads to my next point on how teeth affect your overall health. II. Main Point #2 All of you understand that having a good oral healthcare is very important a. Without a good oral healthcare, such as daily brushing and flossing, can lead to cavities, oral infections, tooth decay, and many other oral issues but can also lead to major consequences such dementia and cardiovascular disease. i. Cardiovascular disease can occur if teeth are not being correctly brushed or flossed. 1. This means that bacteria is being kept in the mouth and eventually entering the blood stream. 2. Once its in the bloodstreams, it can travel to the arteries in the heart and cause atherosclerosis for another words hardening of the arteries. 3. Plaque eventually start to develop and decrease or may even block the flow of blood throughout the body which increased the chances of having a heart attack or a stroke. ii. Same thing goes for dementia but also enter from nerve

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