Diabetes Persuasive Speech Outline

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February the 4th, 2008 was a tough day for me and my family and this day marks a new chapter in my life. It’s the day when the doctors revealed that I had diabetes type 1, which is a battling disease that I would have to live with for the rest of my life. And now I’ve had this for more than 10 years. And in these ten years I have completely lost count on how many times I’ve had to explain to my friends, relatives and other people in my surroundings that “No, I did not develop diabetes because of that my diet consisted of too much sugar” and “No, I am allowed to eat candy on the weekends, so stop judge me like I’m mistreating my condition” and “Yes it is much more than just simply regulating your intakes”. And what I find so disturbing is that there’s still such a stigma…show more content…
I have gone from being forced to take 7 injections and at least 10 fingersticks daily to having these tubes and small machines that I only need to change once or twice a week. This research has helped so many, not just by easier their pain but also to keep their levels under better control. Just imagine what they could achieve with a (bigger) budget. CONCLUSION: The aim of this speech is not to make (skolverket) include diabetes in the biology to teach students what type of cells that are producing insulin. What I would like to see in the future is simply more awareness and attention addressed to diabetes. So that people suffering from it don’t need to constantly answer to all these questions, so that we diabetics can feel safer knowing that there are people out there that knows what to do when we are incapable of taking care of ourselves and so that we hopefully can prevent further complications and decrease the amount of people being diseased of diabetes. And in a few years see a growth in the fundraising for diabetes so that we can finally put an end to all the pain coming from this
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