Informative Speech: Does Like Dissolve Like?

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Does Like Dissolve Like?


I. Most of you have probably been to the dermatologist at some point in your life.

a. Your dermatologist most likely recommended an oil free cleanser.

b. Oil causes acne, right?

c. Recently, some groups have questioned this universal.

II. Audience Connection/Value Statement- We can all recall the solubility rule “like dissolves like” from chemistry. Those who question the oil-free regimen have taken this principal and applied it to skincare.

a. “Water doesn’t dissolve oil.”

b. “Oil Dissolves oil.”

III. Central Idea Statement-“Oil dissolves oil”, the principal that the Oil Cleansing Method is based upon, has recently been under scrutiny for its broad results on overall skin health and appearance.
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Dermatologists do not challenge the science behind the oil cleansing method.

i. Like dissolves like.

ii. A nonpolar solute will be dissolved by a nonpolar solvent.

iii. Oil dissolves oil.

iv. Natural Oil dissolves facial oil

b. Although they accept the science behind the regimen, Dermatologist Neal Schultz, who has repeatedly been elected to the “Best Doctor’s List”, sums up why most dermatologists do not recommend the oil care method.

i. On his online skincare video show, DermTV, Dr. Schultz states, “Yes, oil dissolves oil, which is part of “like dissolves like”.

ii. However, he asserts while your applied oil dissolves your facial oil, all you have done is replaced the oil that was on your face with a different kind of oil.

iii. Without the use of a cleanser, there is no way to remove the excess oil that was

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