Vitamin D Persuasive Speech

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General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To convince my audience that a low Vitamin D level is a dangerous issue. Central Idea: To persuade my class that Vitamin D deficiency is very harmful to one’s health since it leads to numerous bone disorders. Moreover, I will provide them with solutions to keep Vitamin D at an optimum level. Method of Development: problem- solution. Visuals: Slides & images , vitamin d pills. Audience: Classmates as well as anyone who cares for their health/well-being. Introduction: I. I had a blood test last week, and the doctor showed me the results with a worried expression on his face. He asked me, “Did you know that your Vitamin D level is very low? ”. I laughed, “So what? It’s not like I have Cancer, …show more content…

Vitamin D, is also called the “sunlight vitamin” since when you are exposed to the sun’s rays the vitamin is produced in your body. It is vital for bone and muscle health. The daily required dosage of Vitamin D is 600 to 800 IU/day …show more content…

There are many solutions to bone disorders, but only of them is really effective A. Let us begin with the easiest and only natural method to increase Vitamin D intake , Sunshine! Now , you are thinking that the solution can’t be that simple, but it is. When our body is exposed to the Sun’s rays , it converts cholesterol into Vitamin D. In fact , Sunlight offers 90% of the body’s Vitamin D. I am not convincing indviduals to resemble a bag of Cheetos. The UK Cancer Research Center recommends getting enough safe Sun exposure daily for 15 minutes between 10 a.m and 2 p.m. A person with a dark skin tone may require 90 minutes, while the elderly require about 30 minutes (Vitamin D, 2015). B. Until now , Society has been misled by the beauty industry that the Sun is dangerous and that it causes Skin Cancer. They have recommended that a person should instead resort to supplements as well as Vitamin D fortified foods . Clearly , the Sun isn’t dangerous , overexposure to it is. The same thing applies to Vitamin D pills, till now no one knows what amount is safe and an overdose would lead to HyperCalcemia , which produces Kidney stones, meddles with your heart and brain, and damages your bones. Still, Vitamin D experts are increasing the daily amount needed well aware of the risks. So, some people opt for what they consider the safest way to get Vitamin D – Food. Vitamin D is commonly found in Dairy products , fatty fish, orange juice , egg yolks…etc. Nevertheless, one requires

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