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Krystle Marler Mrs. McQuiggan Public Speaking 24 January 2018 Super Mom Introduction I. How many of you have a big supporter for everything you do in life no matter what it is? No matter if it’s a decision or an important game, they are always there for you. From sporting events, to taking a big test in an important class, or to just giving you encouragement when you wake up in the morning for the best day. II. Everyone may not have a person like that in their life but I surely do. My mom is my biggest fan and someone who I exalt. My mom is very nice and caring, she is a strong and assiduous person, and most of all she is my hero and my best friend. Body I. I consider my mom to be the most caring person I have ever met. No matter who or what it is, if your having a bad day, she will know how to make it better. A. My mom sees any child that is close to either me or my brother as her own. If my friends are with me wherever I go, my mom pays for their meal. If they come to our house, my mom tells them “my house is your house,” and any food we have in our house is also open to them as well. B. Outside of the people that I know and the people she knows, my mom is a caring person to anyone who crosses her path. Anytime she sees someone in need, no matter the location or place, she is always the first to step in. Transition Besides being such a warm hearted person, my mom is also the strongest and and the hardest worker that I know. Body I. Ever

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