Informative Speech: Human Trafficking

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The informative speech that I spoke about was Human Trafficking. The reason I came up with this topic is because at first during the group speech I brainstormed topics by searching the internet as also wondering what topics I wanted to speak about and this one came up. Due to that, it is a serious corruption that is happening all over the world. Secondly, there are countless movies that are out about this problem. Thirdly, I feel that I could’ve informed my classmates to get the concern about human trafficking. Furthermore, since we didn’t use it as the group speech, I figure I would use it for my speech. After that, I follow the rules of an outline speech of what the main idea was, what were my points, as well as the demographic of the…show more content…
After I got all my speech in order, I spoke it out loud a couple of times to see how it sounded to me. Then, I did my video introduction and post it on the discussion board. I had appreciated the feedback that I got from my classmates. As well, I read the whole speech to my friend and son, they stated it was good. By the same token, when I did my presentation I tried my best, I was nervous but I tried not to show it. I kept thinking “you will be fine and it’s just you, no one is looking at you”. Then, looking back at the presentation, I saw a little nervousness in me. As well, as my eye contact could’ve been better. I pause and stutter a couple times. These are things that I need to work on. I guess just knowing that someone will be critique my speech give me a little chill. In my opinion, I feel like I am doing better as I go along. To me, my information was very informative, but I could’ve to get into more details about the types of human trafficking. Not to mention probably talk about what to look for to see if some were in human trafficking. This individual critique seems that it will help me in my other speeches for the class as well as in any speech that I would have to
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