Informative Speech: John Du Pont

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Ribbin Anderson
Narrative Speech Grading Rubric
Public Speaking
Biography Speech
(Informative Speech about a person’s life)
John Du Pont

Introduction ___9___/10 Points Attention Getter –
I believe I opened up my Biography Speech well by giving a good background of John Du Pont then saying, “This became his passion until he lost his name as a wrestling trainer forever”. I think this made the audience curious as to why he lost his name as a wrestling trainer.

Preview Main Points – Remember that previewing will help establish a pattern of repetition that helps your audience remember and retain the information you present (future
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Relate the significance of the story in terms of its shared value – Nice effort executing an objective lesson or take away from the story. Conclusion ___9____/10 Points
Review Main Points – This can be an area early speakers forget, so work on fashioning that distinct conclusion starting with a review of content. Restate Thesis – I answered the question as to why he lost his name as a wrestling trainer forever. Concluding Thoughts – I really need to try to avoid ending on the line, “So, that’s it.” Delivery ___8____/10 Points Eye Contact – I looked up the most in this speech then I had in any another speech so I was very happy about that. Vocal Delivery – I need more energy, I look like I am up there talking about something I don’t really want to talk

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