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A. ATTENTION GETTER- ((Throws money all at one and looks down and back at the audience)) I bet this is how we all wish to be someday, rich and successful. But that isn’t the case for most people; in fact National Center for Children in Poverty has found that 44% of children live in low-income households. I am a part of that percent of children that live in a low-income household, which isn’t an easy situation to live in. This allows you to open your eyes and realize that giving up is not an option; you need to work in order to accomplish anything in life.
B. THESIS STATEMENT- I will not give up until I succeed because it is the key to accomplishing anything.
C.PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS: i. How has this impact me.
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Imagine you as a four year old again, walking into the toy aisle. You are fascinated by all the toys you see and wish they were all yours, but then you come upon this toy you pause and admire it .Then you grab it off from the self ,hug it and run to your parents with it. They see that sparkle in your eye from how much you want it but they look at you and say we can’t afford it or maybe next time, but we all know there is no next time.
B. That is exactly what happened every time I asked for a toy; I never got it due to money problems. As I progressed in age, I started to realize that toys weren’t going to benefit me ,that I needed to focus on my education which is the key to success. From that moment on I never gave up on anything, I always found a way to get end results.
TRANSLATION- I wasn’t going to let anything tie me down from being successful.
III. MAIN POINT 2 – I had realized that I wasn’t that little girl who wanted every toy she saw, I now was someone who was not willing to give up until I achieved the end
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The way I saw this was we had already done most of our project and come this far and wasn’t going to give up until we were ensured we got full credit for the project, so did a new one. This was merely because I thought to myself that if you settle for this grade I wouldn’t of done all in my power to change this, I would be giving up on something that my parents never did because I had shelter and food.
TRANSLATION- Through it all I have learned to embrace anything that comes in my way and use it to my advantage to help me strive.
A.CONCLUDING REMARKS- As I get older I realize that being a kid coming from a low-income family can be hard to deal with, but you can take advantage of that and better yourself from it.
B.RESTATE THESIS-In order to accomplish my goals it requires me not to give up and do all in my power to achieve it.
C.REVIEW MAIN POINTS- Today I have stated: i. How I changed and learned from this experience and ii. Why giving up is not an option.
D .SO-NOW-WHAT- ((pulls out coins and some dollar bills)) this is what many live off of, not what you see on the ground ((points on ground)). ((Slowly approaches the front of the class)) Will you let money be an obstacle that prevents you from achieving your dreams? Or will you take advantage of what you are giving and make a difference in the world? And be living proof that anything is possible no matter if you are rich or

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