Informative Speech On Alzheimer's

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You don’t know it 's Alzheimer’s until it hits you right in the face. Millions of people have Alzheimer’s. This forces other people such as family members or nurses to have to help many hours of the day, because the patients of Alzheimer’s can’t do things by themselves. Since the Baby Boomers of the 60s were born, there will be double the elders by the year 2050.People who haven’t experiences Alzheimer’s don’t realize how blessed they are. Alzheimer’s is a an awful disease. Most people overlook that kind of stuff, but you never know, it could be you or someone in your family next. When you have Alzheimer’s disease, basically a wave comes in your mind and, you remember nothing about yourself. In rare cases you can remember somethings like your name or what city you were born in, but not that much. Scientists have been trying to find a cure for this terrible disease for over a century when Alois Alzheimer discovered the disease. There is only five Alzheimer’s drugs approved currently, and they say it will take another twenty years to create another drug. Scientists have found many things that may of played a role in the disease such as, lifestyle,…show more content…
Whether it be a vaccination, a pill, anything. Families are losing family members because of this, and the government is only giving $600 million while they are giving $3-$5.3 billion dollars a year to cancer. I am not trying to rule out any type of disease or anything, but come on government, Alzheimer’s is just as important as cancer. I hope people will stop taking Alzheimer 's for granted, and not paying any mind to other families that are losing family members. I hope scientists will find a cure for both cancer and Alzheimer 's and they will reach their goal! What do you know, they may come up with a drug or vaccination that cures or prevents cancer and Alzheimer’s all in
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