Informative Speech On Armenian Genocide

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During the First World War, as the days passed, the male contingent of the caravan got lesser and lesser. Under the excuse of not killing them if they would relinquish their liras, gold coins, men would be evoked of the little money they had if they even had any only to be killed anyways. Days passed and those who couldn’t keep up were put out of their suffering.

Bodies were always found scattered by the wayside. While we were at one place, my grandmother loudly cursed the Turkish government for its ruthlessness. My grandmother would point at us children and would ask: “What is the fault of children to be subjected to such suffering?” That statement seemed like too much for a gendarme to bear. So he pulled out his blade and jabbed it into
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First my uncle, now my grandmother were left unmourned and unburied by the wayside, but nevertheless, we moved on, Like nothing happened.

Good Afternoon everyone. My name is Lisseth Zaragoza and today I 'm going to be addressing the Genocide of the Armenian people and why it should be recognized.

The genocide of the Armenian people during WW1 should be acknowledged by both the Turkish government and the United States. Recognition of this horrific event is the least the U.S could do for the hundreds and thousands of Armenians who call the United States their home. It’s very important for the United States Congress to pass House Resolution 106, which will acknowledge the genocide of more than 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire during and following the First World
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One of the latest versions of this gambit is the Turkish government’s proposition to set up a “historian’s commission” with half of the members appointed by the Turkish government and the other half being made up of those of the Republic of Armenia to “study” the facts of what occurred in 1915 – 1923. The predicament with the proposition is that the Armenian genocide has already been thoroughly documented and investigated by genocide scholars, many who aren’t Armenian, and the historical record is pretty much obvious. In 1997, The International Association of Genocide Scholars all unanimously stated that the Turkish massacres of over one million Armenians were indeed genocide. There is no longer going to be “another side” to the story or truth about the Armenian genocide than there are about the Holocaust, which is why the Turkish government should deal with the facts thrown in their faces and accept the reality. The US, on the other hand, should also not let the constant denial and ignorance of the Turkish government keep them from recognizing this very important event in
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