Informative Speech On Bass Fishing

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Hi!, I’m Wil. Today I’m going to talk about Bass fishing. Bass are a very fun fish to catch, and I will try to cover most of this topic today. The first thing I want to talk about is Bass Habitat and food source. Bass are a predatory fish, this means that they have to eat other living animals to survive. To hunt, bass will hide in structure, such as a submerged log, or some grass and ambush their prey. When their prey swims by the fish will swim out quickly and eat the food. Bass will eat anything that swims, they will eat minnows, crawfish, frogs,worms and even mice and ducklings that fall into the water. Bass will also eat other fish and sometimes lizards that fall into the water. After telling you about bass habitat and prey, I will tell you about what gear you need to catch them. First I will talk about a rod and reel setup. I like to use a Pflueger special edition …show more content…

These two types are live bait, and artificial bait. There are pros and cons to each that I will talk about. First I will talk about artificial bait. I like using artificial bait for many reasons. One of the main reasons I like using artificial bait (lures) is the amount of water that you can cover. I believe that the more water you can cover the more fish you can catch. Lures are made to attract fish. Lures can be built to make noise, create reflections or just imitate the movements of a bass’s natural prey. There are also different types of lures. These are topwater, mid- depth and deep water lures. The other way to catch bass is with live bait. To catch bass with live bait you will need a 3/0 sized hook, and minnows, frogs, crawfish or worms you can by most of these at the store. You will also need one or two split shot weights and cork bobber. The weights will keep the bait in the water and the bobber will tell me when I get a bite. I like using live bait because it is exactly what the bass would eat in the

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