Informative Speech On Blackheads

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Before treating your blackheads it's best to know what are blackheads and what you are trying to cure so that you can select the best treatment for the perfect skin you dream of. Contents: 1. What are Blackheads? 2. What causes Blackheads? 3. How to get rid of Blackheads? What Are Blackheads? One form of acne is a comedone. These come in the form of open and closed comedones. The technical term for blackheads is an open comedone. If the open pore is clogged with dead skin and oil it begins to oxidize because it is exposed to the air. This causes the area to darken which is why you are left with a black head on the spot. This should put to rest any myths that they are caused by dirt. Although whiteheads fall into the category of being
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