Informative Speech On Body Image

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Kate Winslet posted a photo of herself on Facebook with no make-up on, to urge women to embrace themselves and battle negative body image.

Kate wrote on her page, "I know I am chubby, I have big feet, and have bad hair days. When I was growing up and even now, I hardly hear any positive reinforcement about body image from any female. I mostly hear negative feedbacks. But I know, most of the negatives comes from the people who are busy rejoicing over other people ' insults by liking demeaning post on Facebook when in reality they don 't even like themselves."

Wearing no make- up, the 'Titanic ' actress showed her wrinkles to her followers with an aim to show them what 's beneath her face with no concealer. Then she said "I want to embrace the real me" and to her followers, "I want you to embrace who you are" and "love yourself just the way you are."

As she calls her fans support to share her message, she want it to "reach the haters and let them know that you don 't give a damn about the negatives" she also encourages women who have body shaming issues to "chose not to be a victim to those bullies who make fun of others based on appearances, race, gender, etc."

As Kate encourages women to love themselves, she also asks women not to change anything about their appearances, for she believes "people should appreciate you, the real you."

The photo was posted on Thursday and has been shared over 24,000. It has encouraged a lot of women to likewise post, on social media
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