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I. A bone fracture is a type of crack in a bone. Most bone fractures are caused by falls, sports and accidents. Fractures are a common medical problem, and it is estimated that 6.8 million fractures occur in the US each year. There are three F’s on how fractures happen. The first one is fall the way you fall or get injured. The second f is force, the force and direction of the fall. And the final F is fragility, the fragility of the bone that takes the impact. The prevention and treatment of fractures is important to overall health, but there are various treatments available of a fracture.

II. There are many different types of fractures.

A. Simple fractures are where the bone breaks but doesn’t stick out through the skin.

1. Simple or compound
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Exercise can help strengthen bones older people in particular can benefit from a regular exercise program
2. The more weight bearing activities you do the stronger and denser your bones will be.

IV. Over Million bone repair surgeries happen each year and I will tell you tips on what happens.

A. The day before your procedure your doctor will recommend that you do not eat anything after midnight
1. You will have to tell your doctor about your previous medical history.
2. Your doctor will also for imaging testing to view where the bone is broken exactly (X-Ray).
B. Bone fracture repair surgery can take several hours you may have been given anesthesia to make you fall asleep

1.When the broken bone has been put back into place properly the doctor will close the incision with stiches
C. Treatment depends on many factors such as how serious it is how old the patient is what is they’re physical activity
1. The doctor(s) may need antibiotics to protect against infection the goal in treating fractures is to restore the fracture to its normal position and then immobilize it,
2. Bones begin to grow back soon after they are broken so this should be done by a trained medical person.
D. Complications from from bone repair surgery are very

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