Persuasive Speech On Bullfighting

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I. In Latin America and Europe combined, approximately 250,000 bulls die each year. A. Do these bulls fall prey to a deadly virus? B. The bulls are tortured and killed for the sake of entertainment which is bullfighting. II. When one hears the word “bullfight”, it is nearly impossible not to instantly connect the idea with Spain. A. Most people associate bullfighting with Spain, but there are other countries that involve in this kind of activity which is France, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. III. Bullfighting is a deeply controversial spectacle that is called a "fine art" by it supporters and a "blood sport" by its critics. A. It is portrayed as traditional, festive and a fair competition between the bull and the matador.…show more content…
The bullfighters perceived and praised as the best are the ones that come closest to the bull, letting its horns pass inches by the fighter’s side. 2. The greater the risk for the bullfighter, the greater the reward from the crowd. 3. So the bullfighter is not trying to stay as far away as possible. C. Sometimes, the horns of bulls are not shaved, but rather kept sharp. 1. In order to make the bullfighting interesting, they do not care. 2. This had increase the danger for the matador. 3. Their target is to fulfill the audience wish. (Transition: Bullfighting is just too dangerous to humans, so it should be banned.) CONCLUSION I. Although bullfighting is so important to the Spanish culture, but brutal killing of an animal is not belongs in this modern world. II. Bull fighting is animal cruelty and should be banned because it is an abuse of animal rights, causes undue suffering to the bulls and it leads to death of the animals involved. III. For the sake of the animals involved, for the safety of the humans who participate, bullfighting needs to become a thing of the past. IV. Perhaps in the future, bullfighting will only be a distant memory and no longer bring up the strong connection to Spain as it does
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