Informative Speech On Cancer

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Good morning Dr. Williams and class,
The topic that I chose to write over is Cancer. I found this topic fascinating because I have little knowledge of what exactly cancer is.
Why did you pick this topic? I felt it an interesting topic since I have limited knowledge about the disease. Growing up, I had a cousin who had to have his arm and leg amputated due to cancer. We were young and visiting we didn’t understand what was going on. We wanted to ask questions, but his sickness scared us. We couldn’t imagine what he was dealing with, but we knew he was in considerable pain. My mom told us he was sick and was getting help from doctors. Our family was extremely grateful to find out that he beat cancer and could enjoy the rest of his life. I have also lost my grandpa due to lung cancer. It’s tough seeing someone in so much pain and knowing what they have but not having a clear understanding of what it is or what’s going on inside their bodies.
What do I already know about it? I have a very limited knowledge of what cancer is. I know it’s a disease that can occur in several parts of the body. Cancer to me is a disease that eats away at the human body. If it is not discovered on time, then the person could lose his or her life. I know that many people lose loved one 's due to cancer. I am unaware of the medical definition of cancer. I have several questions and would like to learn more about it.
What is my goal in acquiring new information through my research? My goal is to learn

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