Melissa Mccarthy: The Role Of Women In Movies

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You have worked with Melissa McCarthy a few times now. Was there anything different this time around? I adore Melissa and she is so much fun to work with! She is as funny off-screen as she is on. She is extremely intelligent, knows what she wants and is one of the hardest working people I know and I look up to her and respect her so much! She's a great athlete and does a lot of her own stunts! I really think wire work is her favorite thing ever haha! On the alley sequence she was being yanked up in the air on a wire. She did it a few times and Paul Feig got what he needed so he said moving on, but Melissa was having so much fun she said they needed to do one more just so she could fly again :) The cast is pretty big. Did any of the cast members surprise you in any way? I was surprised by how nice and down to Earth all the actors were. They were all so much fun! Their chemistry was great and we had the best time…show more content…
Why do you believe this is important? I truly feel it is the age of the woman! It is such an exciting time to be a woman! We are getting more and more opportunities to showcase our talents and show what we are capable of. Women are amazing and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us! As you know, The Academy still does not recognize stunt coordinators. Why do you fee they should and this should be changed? Stunt performers risk their lives everyday for films. It is a well calculated risk but a risk nonetheless. Stunts obviously enhance the experience of the viewer so much and they are important to the production value of a film. It blows my mind that the stunt coordinator is still not recognized for their work and I hope the academy comes to their senses and recognizes the professionalism and importance of the stunt coordinator. I mean, they are in charge of the overall safety on a set and obviously, that's
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