Informative Speech On Children

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By the end of my speech, 212 underprivileged children around the world would be clenching their stomach and wobbling from garbage dumps to garbage dumps, searching for half- eaten food. 5 children in India would leave school to work in a dilapidated undergarment factory for 14 straight hours, enduring whipping, and pain just for 3 bowls of rice. 3 children in Africa would be dead after being beheaded by heartless invaders. The power to change this situation lies with every one of you present today. Basic necessity such as food, basic education, security are few of many things that underprivileged children lack. As my speech continues, I would firstly, convince you on why underprivileged children need more help than ever. Secondly, I will show you how you can help them and why we cannot afford to not help Under-Privilege children need more help than ever. As the privileged children get an education, they can get a better job and prospect. However, the under-privileged children would struggle to fill their stomach, let alone talk about education. The gap between the privileged and underprivileged children will increase as income inequality increases. If this goes on, the under-privileged children would grow up beneath the privilege children in all aspects of their lives. For example, in America, the dropout rates for under-privileged children age 16-24 are seven times more than those privileged children age 16-24. This means that more than 85% of school dropouts in America
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