Graduation Speech: China, A Global View

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China, a Global View——defend the competence of our lands Good evening. Thank you so much for listening to my speech. In the past few years, there’re such news as Donglang Crisis, South China Sea Conflict and Diaoyu Islands Dispute. Every time other nations or organizations try to get parts of our land, the majority of Chinese people brandish banners and shout slogans. It is undoubtfully that citizens in China are able to defend the competence of our territory. But some aliens don’t understand why we are so excited and annoyed. When I worked in America this summer, I meet quite many friends from other nations or areas such as Philippines, Sudan and Taiwan. It is weird for foreigners that we Chinese form mainland clear a Chinese, but people who look exactly like us announce they are Taiwanese. One day, the Taiwanese went out to work but I, Adeamy from Sudan and another girl form Philippines sit together by a table in the breakroom. We were so excited because we…show more content…
Thanks to the opportunity that Cassie from the ROC has gone, Adeamy asked me the confusion staying in his mind for so many days. And he went,” Benji, Taiwanese look exactly like you guys from China, what is the relationship between Taiwan and China?” Not astounded, I responded, “Taiwan is a part of China. It used to be part of China tons of years ago, but now due to political elements, they claim Taiwan is a nation.” However, he seemed to be more confused, and said “You know what? It’s Okay. I’m from South Sudan. My government fights against the North. We don’t consider them as bros. We don’t need them to be back. I really cannot understand why you guys insist wanting Taiwan back.” After that, I got a little bit of anguish somehow because my hands sweated. I really didn’t know why I

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