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Once upon a time, many clownfish were first found living near the ocean floor.
Let’s take a deep look down under to see exactly where they are.
Clownfish prefer the warm water in the Pacific Ocean, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Clownfish got their name for their vibrant orange, white, and black-striped patterns. What do these colors remind you of? …………………………………
Yes, that is correct. These colors remind us of circus clown 's costume. But that is not all. Did you know that there are 28 species of clownfish, with many variations of colors and patterns living in the warm water? Whoa, that is a lot of colors.

Hey Mate!

I am Sydney, a clownfish living in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. I am often mistaken
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Scientists researched how some species of clownfish are innately protected from the sting before contact with the sea anemone. But we must acclimate to our home by rubbing our mucus coat on the sea anemone’s tentacles over and over again to protect ourselves. Yays! It means we can live and survive the ocean.

Hey readers, Let count together from our calendar above.

• Day 0-4: We don’t see any eggs yet but can see the picture of daily development.
• Day 4: We can see how the lavas are beginning to develop.
• Day 5-6: We can see how they are large enough to start feeding. Their food supply is newly hatched brine shrimp.
• Day 7-8: We can see how the larvae develop over time and are able to feed only the live baby brine shrimp.
• Day 9: The eggs are hatching. They all are male. Some change to female under certain conditions however once female, they can’t change back.
Hey Mate!
These are our babies and all boys. Aren’t they precious? Let get to know our family history in scientific terms.
• Our Kingdom classification is called as Animalia.
• Our Phylum classification is called

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