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Specific purpose: To inform the SPC-112-W003 class on the average salary of dentists by specialty in the United States along with the history and information about them. Central Idea: The salary of dentists in the United States has been increasing over the past years and will keep growing due to the number of people who are needing more dental procedures. I. Introduction a. Attention-getter: A dentist with experience can make up to approximately $84 dollars an hour. That’s nearly 50 dollars more than the average American. b. Credibility material: Personally, I enjoy visiting the dentist because I would like to be one and I know how important it is to have healthy teeth. c. Relevance to audience: According to a 2016 survey by the Kaiser Family…show more content…
Preview of speech: I would like to share information that I have gathered about how much different types of dentists make and information about those specialties. II. Body a. Dentists are one of the top paid professions in the U.S. i. Taking care of teeth is very important since most of us use them every day, which is why it is recommended that one visits the dentists twice a year. 1. A factor that contributes to a dentist’s earnings is that dentists have a lot to pay for themselves, meaning high college debt and very expensive dental equipment. 2. Dentists also have to pay their taxes, insurances, receptionists, hygienists, and much more. 3. The more a patient pays for an appointment the more likely that the office you go to has newer technology that will produce high-quality results. ii. There are also affordable dental plans that play a big role in a dentist’s earnings. 1. While insurance is a very complicated transaction, the dentist that has to deal with it don’t love it either. 2. Dental insurance often doesn’t pay for routine procedures that people get done, which is why many people don’t like dental insurance since it “doesn’t cover much.” 3. The more your insurance covers, the less you have to pay the dentists out of your own pocket which attributes to their…show more content…
Prosthodontists have a median annual salary of $100,00 while general dentists have a median annual salary of $149,000. i. The salaries of these specialties depend on the location, reputation, the dentists, cost, and several other factors. 1. Prosthodontists must complete a dental school and obtain a professional license followed by a 3-year residency program in prosthodontics. 2. Prosthodontists are one of nine dental specialties that spend most of their time on appearance of teeth using restoration substitutes. 3. A big part of their salary comes from replacing damaged or missing teeth with appliances, such as crowns or dentures. ii. There are an estimated 143,000 dentists in North America and 80% of all of all dentists are general dentists. 1. Education for a general dentist includes their undergraduate education and four years at an accredited dental school. 2. General Dentists often can’t perform surgeries, which is why their median annual salary is lower than the other specialists. 3. General Dentists also perform several cosmetic procedures, like obtaining whiter teeth. Dentists can also have a lot of stress, but all of that is rewarded by the amount of money they make and the amount joy they see on people’s faces after their

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