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I love being a woman. I love the miracle of life that our bodies endure, the sexy way our hips curve, the cute way we blush and smile, oh wait, am I describing everything a man would? Maybe it is because we have grown and continue to grow in such a male dominated society. Don’t get me wrong, gender roles have predominately evolved but let’s get real about the princess society that our daughters, nieces, granddaughters and most young girls live through each day. I am not suggesting that Disney Princesses that we all know and love are wrong but what are they helping, other than the “Honey I’m home, where is my dinner” type of thinking? I can remember growing up and when relatives would ask my mother what my sister and I wanted for our birthdays and she would just reply “I don’t know, just pick something pink or purple and the girls will be happy.” Nothing is wrong with my mother’s answer, what else is she supposed to say, it is automatically assumed if it’s pink it’s for a girl. I don’t necessarily agree. Why is it believed that girls are to like certain things and act a certain way? Ever wonder if it is from the decades of Disney princess movies that repeat the same cycle of the sweet and gentle girl?
Being a “princess” has become more of an
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I couldn’t believe my ears, she was so intelligent. Riley, thought to be around five years old, has a problem on the idea that girls are expected to objectify to the color pink. “Girls like other colors too!!” says the young lady. Come on people, Riley is just five years old and she can already identify when the critical society is too overbearing. She also acknowledges that boys like princess just as much as girls like superheroes. As a society we must stop the assumption of boy and girl stereotypes. Let the boys wear pink and let the girls wear blue, it will be
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