Informative Speech On Disneyland

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Disneyland & California Adventure Rollercoasters Do you like fast roller coasters? If you do here are some roller coasters you may like. Thunder mountain,California screamin, Cars and matterhorn. If you like slow rides, there are many to choose from like Soarin over the world, Little mermaid and Pirates of the caribbean. Now I will tell you about the roller coasters. California screamin launches the ride about 50 Mph up this big drop and after that takes a turn and starts going up and down. Cars: The cars ride is located in cars land so you walk through cars land then you see the cars ride first you get into this car then the car takes a little cruise through Radiator springs. You get to luigi’s house of tires then you get fixed then you race with another car. After the race is done you see Mater and Lightning and they say great race then the ride is over. Matterhorn: Matterhorn is a bobsled ride so you get into this little bobsled you go up the mountain then you go down the mountain oh and the ride is in the mountain. Also there is a basketball court in the top of the mountain. Thunder mountain: Thunder mountain is just a ride that’s based on the gold rush it just this Dark mountain and goes down Takes some turns and it’s done.…show more content…
Little mermaid is a ride that takes you through the whole movie and the cart you sit in is a shell. Pirates of the caribbean is a boat ride it's kind of like the little mermaid. So the ride just goes through the whole movie. There is even a restaurant so you could see the people pass by. Themed
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