Informative Speech On Down Syndrome

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Thesis: Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic conditions but not many know how it develops or the different kinds. Introduction: Attention: Days spent with my down syndrome cousin, in public, means getting stares and even being asked, “What’s wrong with her?”. Although my initial reaction is to be offended, just like anyone with a Down Syndrome person close to their heart, it’s never the answer. Reveal & Relate: I know some of you have stared also, in awe and maybe confusion, and wondered about the condition, which is fine, but we should all know a little about Down Syndrome. Credibility: According to the National Down Syndrome Society website in an article titled “What is Down Syndrome?” from 2012, one in 691 babies born in…show more content…
About one-third of these cases are told to be genetic. Down syndrome symptoms vary, those with Down syndrome may have different problems at different times of their lives. Main Point 5: Those with Down Syndrome usually develop at a slower rate than those without it. Sub Point 1: Now, just because they are slower doesn’t mean they cannot do some of the things we do. Some can participate in physical exercises, as they grow and receive the proper care and education some may even get to have some independence. Sub Point 2: Coming from my own experience, my cousin, 26 years of age has severe down syndrome but with the proper care provided to her and the fact that she has been going to school all her life until now, she has some sort of independence. Sub Point 3: Although in her case she cannot do things like drive or go out on her own, she can talk clearly, she understands a lot and is able to manage certain things like make her own coffee, dress herself. Sub Point 4: One of the most fascinating things is that she is pretty much a pro with her iPad. She cannot read or write but by watching as we teach her, she gets it on the first try and never

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