Informative Speech On Driverless Cars

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Introduction Paragraph: Imagine being able to do paperwork while you're on your way to work, You will be able to do this with the driverless car! The driverless car allows you to do things that you would usually do in your own time due to the fact that you don't have to be the one driving because the self driverless car drives for you. You could sit back and relax on the commute to whatever destination you desire. Whats a driverless car? A driverless car is a car powered by computers, that gives it the ability to not need a human to physical drive in order to travel. Driverless cars are already getting popular, they are being used in Austin, Texas, California, Michigan and Nevada The cars were able to drive on their own longer without a human taking over. How do driverless cars help society?…show more content…
For example, driverless cars can save money on gas, reduce stress from not having to worry about speeding tickets, and create a safer environment since cops may have access to control cars. Also, driverless cars are considered green, which will help our environment by contributing less to global warming. Where is driverless cars being used? Driverless cars are going to start taking the world by storm, but everything start off small. The driverless cars aren’t being used in a lot of places but here are some of the places they are being used, Singapore, Switzerland,and Pittsburgh. Also, in Austin texas, California, Michigan, and Nevada. Soon these driverless cars will be all over the world. In conclusion the driverless car is starting to take over the world by storm. What is your opinion on driverless cars, are you for it or against it ? Do you see yourself in a driverless car in the future

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