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Attention getter: according to, over 4,000 people died of drug overdose in 2016.
Relevance: drug abuse is a growing epidemic especially here in Ohio, which is ranked 2nd worst overdose rates in the united states.
Credibility: multiple of my family members have been addicted to drugs and i have first hand experience of how drug abuse can affect someone's life, and how rehab affects people addicted to drugs vs how prison affects people addicted to drugs.
Thesis & Preview: as a result of the growing drug epidemic in the United States, thousands die every year. There are many proposed solutions for this problem such as decriminalization, rehab, prison, and even the death penalty. Today i'm going to discuss the pros, cons,
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If an addiction is caught before any arrests are made, and the user is willing, they will most likely go to rehab. Also, in some cases they will be given a choice in court between going to rehab and going to jail. In a typical drug and alcohol rehab facility they will start with intake, where they will see if you're a correct fit for the treatment plan, they would then move on to detox which is a service to assist with withdrawal, and for the remainder of the time they would go to multiple therapy sessions throughout the day. After rehab some recovering addicts will go to Narcotics Anonymous meetings to help them stay on the right track. According to, only a third of people who have been sober for less than a year will stay sober, and if one makes it to five years of sobriety their chance of relapse is less than 15…show more content…
Some see the death penalty as the correct punishment for severe crimes such as dealing drugs or murder, but others believe that the death penalty would let these criminals off to easy as they wouldn't have to live the rest of their sentence, or even life, in prison. Listener relevance: this punishment is currently being considered in the united states, included in the White House Opioid Crisis Plan.
One of the reasons people want to keep the death penalty is that it’s “the ultimate warning”. They believe that administering the death penalty on a criminal will deter others from committing the same crime because they will see what the consequence is. Another reason some believe the death penalty is the correct punishment for drug dealers is because the drugs they sold could have caused someones overdose and they should suffer the punishment for their
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