Informative Speech On Dying Earth

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Today, I am going to tell you about the Dying Earth. Dying Earth is located between Earth and Venus. Dying Earth is the third planet from the Sun, orbiting it every 256.8 Earth days, also it is named after Roman goddess. The surface area of Dying Earth is 1,888.8 mile square: radius is 4,000 mile: distance from the Sun is 85.44 million miles: length of day is 150 days, 24 hours, and 8 minutes and orbited period is 250 days. Dying Earth has a water cycle just like Earth, but it is a little bit different. It doesn’t have condensation in the water cycle. It only has evaporation, precipitation, and runoff. There is also ground water. To get fresh water from the ground, you have to dig deep underground and I guarantee you that many people will…show more content…
For example, animals such as, birds, crocodiles, fishes, and monkeys live on it. Plants produce food for animals that live on land and water. The animals that eat plants on land are birds, crocodiles, zebras, and monkeys. Fishes and crocodiles eat plants that are in the water. On Dying Earth, crocodiles are the luckiest animal, because they have access to both land and water. If there is not enough food in the water, they can come on land and eat the animals or plants that live on land. For example, if there are not a lot of fishes in the water, they can go on land and eat the zebras. Crocodiles are also considered as predation, because they eat other animals. When settler colonized on Dying Earth, they destroyed a lot of things. For example, they cut down trees to make shelters, tools, etc. When they cut down trees, the animals that depend on the trees had to migrate to another part of the forest. When the animals are migrating, the colonists doesn’t have any kind food sources, therefore many of them died. They also destroyed the earth layers by digging deep down the ground to get fresh water. After many years of digging and cutting down trees, the Dying Earth eventually collapsed and all of the colonists were
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