Informative Speech On Fast Food

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Goals or needs can play an intense role in the different views of culturally motivated reasoning. We often have or mind set in stuff that benefit us or are that are in our favor. If we have a certain idea or mindset we can go out of our way to make that idea true and conclusive. This not only includes personal point of views to keep ourselves from believing things we don’t want, but views that can be altered by others to keep us from seeing things they don’t want us to see. This is often common in the political world where information is shared a certain way so that we can see what they want us to see and not what it really is. However, that is no different from the unconscious tendency of ourselves in processing information that suits our…show more content…
While researching information on this project, the information I found included many things the fast food industry keeps from us that we often do even think about. For example, a food product can be labeled as “sugar free” but can be substituted with other things such as, agave which is often worse due to its high concentration in fructose syrup. Another example would be that, Gerber uses fruit pictures to claim its Gerber’s are made from real fruit when in reality they are filled with corn syrup, syrup and grape juice concentrate. These are known as “calorie distracters” and work really well on people who refuse to give up eating fast food. Whether they know that fast and processed foods are unhealthy or not, they are satisfied by knowing that a label says “sugar free” and therefore it is okay for them to consume it. They want to believe that the food is okay to consume simply because it tastes good and satisfies a hunger and therefore they process the information in a manner that suits them. Of course the goal is for fast food companies to keep selling and us to keep buying, whether the food is healthy or not. We can either keep thinking that a “sugar free” product is healthier than one without sugar and continue to consume them or do some research and see the actual reality. In the end the fast food industry alters the information in a way
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