Informative Speech On Female Genital Mutilation

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Informative Speech: Female Genital Mutilation Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about female genital mutilation and where the controversy of it all lies. Central Idea: Female Genital Mutilation is a tradition in certain parts of the world. Most of the time these procedures aren 't carried out safely and the final outcome of the girls that have been mutilated are to work as sex slaves. INTRODUCTION (Attention Getter)This is Kizibianca of kenya, africa. At a mere fifteen years old she was woken up at 5 am and led outside of her hut by the the local traditional brothers and female elders. They made her lie down on a large stone outside her hut and held her arms and legs down. The women sang loudly to cover up her cries. They removed her clitoris, and labia minora with a razor blade. She recalls that she was forced to stay inside for almost 2 months because the pain was unbearable. Everytime she stood up the wound would reopen and she would bleed out. She wasn 't able to shower for three weeks. She was exremely lucky that she didn 't share the same fate as the other girls from her tribe. (Reveal Topic) Female Gential Mutilation. Just those three words can make a person squeal, check their arms for goosebumps.Young girls in Africa know this is as a tradition, a norm. That they all have to go through. So that they are not shunned by society. (Credibility Statement) When I was thirteen I joined the debate team in my high school. The debate instructor gave us each

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