How Does Fitness Affect Society

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A. Topic: Fitness B. Definition: How fitness helps improving the society C. Background Information: History of fitness helping development of mankind and countries a. From the Neanderthal Man to 2500 BC b. Persian empire, Macedonian empire, Roman empire, Chinese empire, and Indian empire (Empires during military, war, and health) c. Renaissance period and after developing fitness programs (Germany, Sweden, Denmark, England, and America) d. United States and Europe (Industrialization period) e. Early 20th century finding a new movement in Gymnastics and America in the 20th century (WWI, Roaring 20s and Great depression, WWII, Early years of Cold War) f. 1960s till present D. Variables surrounding the topic a. Fitness helps improving a person psychologically and this reflect…show more content…
Attending fitness classes will help increasing social networks, which will lead to higher social relationships e. Having a good health leads to development and a positive life E. Research Question(s): How can fitness affect society positively? F. Thesis Statement: Through all the occupation and negative energy gained throughout the day, people need to be exerting them out by exercising to feel positive, improve body shape, develop mind and social relationships, and have good health to be able to develop their society and their personal life. III. Literature Review: A. First Point: fitness helps in developing the mind a. Fit For Life: How to Use Exercise to Improve All Areas of Your Life, C. Stewart b. Fitness: The Guide to Staying Healthy, “Mind Fitness, A Healthy Emotional Life”, Melvin Gonzalez B. Second Point: importance of improving the body physically a. Fit2Fat2Fit, “No One Said It Will Be Easy”, Drew Manning b. Physical Activity Improves the Quality of Life C. Third Point: exerting and escaping negatives leads to a healthy lifestyle a. Journey to Joyful: Transform your Life with Pranashama Yoga, Dashama b. Let’s Get Physical, the Psychology of Effective Workout Music, Ferris

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