Informative Speech On Gender Equality

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Good morning everyone! My name is John and I am the president of the Gender Equality Club, also known as GEC. In this orientation, I will elucidate the purpose, goals, and story behind this club. However, I would like to firstly start by asking you guys a question. Can any of you explain to me why, in the twenty first century gender disparity between male and female still persists? Yes, that’s right! Society, media and the atmosphere play a huge role in shaping societies mindset towards gender disparity. The tragic part is that gender inequality begins as young as childhood. Due to the fact that children are still young and tend to imitate their surroundings, they tend to do what they see instead of what they are told. They will gain understanding by examples and if parents don’t want their children to feed into the typical gender stereotype roles, then parents shouldn’t be leading their kids with the examples that they put forth with their gender roles. Additionally, kids will crave certain toys and ideas that come from commercials. Picture this: a toy commercial that involves a boy playing with robots and cars whilst…show more content…
However, I am here to endeavor because I have seen progress in gender inequality since the olden days. For example, females are no able to play sports that were once strictly seen for men. Likewise, men are getting involved in activities that were once perceived to be done only by women such as cleaning and cooking. Additionally, I believe that no one should be treated with disrespect just because they act differently than the rest of society. I grasp the idea that it’s easier to be like each other, and that occasionally, presenting yourself differently and standing out from the crowds may have negative effects. These actions occur because of our beliefs that we have passed down through generations. If no one starts taking action, these beliefs will remain for
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