Informative Speech On Georgia Guidestones

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At the conclusion of my speech today you will each be able to explain what the Georgia Guidestones are, where they are located, some basic physical characteristics, and what the message is to be conveyed and to whom. Attention getting opening statement. - Introduction Imagine in a world of over 7 billion people a cataclysmic, near extinction level event (ELE) has occurred, in which nearly all of the world’s 7 billion people have died or been killed and a mere 500 Million survive. Because that is exactly what has happened in the mind of RC Christian (A pseudonym) When he conceived and created the Georgia Guidestones. Credibility Statement; After researching the topic, having read dozens of articles on the subject, from a variety of credible…show more content…
II. Erected in 1979 and unveiled in March of 1980 on the highest point in Elbert County Georgia. On the Farm of Mildred and Wayne Mullenix. Third Transition statement; Now that we know what they are made of and where they are located let’s look at some of the physical characteristics of the monument. III. Nearly 20” high and 16’ wide the stones tower above us making us feel small. Engraved upon the stones In 8 modern languages, on each side of the 4 main stones, a set of 10 guidelines is inscribed on the structure including… In the capstone on the 4 edges, engraved in 4 ancient all but forgotten languages including Babylonian, Classical Greek, Hindi and Egyptian Hieroglyphs is the caption, “Let these be the guidelines to an age of reason” Fourth Transition statement; Having talked about what the monument is, when and where it exists, some of the physical characteristics of the huge stone structures. We can address what it all means. IV. A few feet away from the main structure of the monument Lies another stone set flush with the ground. Engraved upon this stone are some clues as to the intended meaning of the monument. And who the message is

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