Informative Speech On Globalization

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Introduction: A. Starter: Today 's topic is globalization. Let me explain what globalization exactly is. B. Significance of Topic: Globalization started with easier travel in the aspect of both information and humans. Globalization is an incredibly fast process and it allows many common people to experience another horizon, while only a few could dream of it just a few decades ago. Globalization in the aspect of information can be compared to a series of nuclear explosions.* Imagine every little society had its garage for storing information and globalization was a sort of flight of full force nuclear bombs falling into each society. When those bombs exploded, all the information are broken into shreds and dust which made up a giant dust cloud like after a nuclear explosion. Then information spreads out everywhere, but it’s extremely hard to get a full piece of information as a native can naturally understand from society before globalization. It would be like looking at an ordinary brick and determining which building it came from. C. Explanation: This is because globalization happened so fast, information didn 't have the adequate amount of time to settle in minds of the people properly. This has led to some negative side effects. However, globalization is not bad in nature, though, it was just too fast for humans to embrace it properly. D. Thesis Statement: That 's what I 'm here to talk about today, how globalization bruised our society, unintended albeit has

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