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A. Starter: Today 's topic is globalization. Let me explain what globalization exactly is.

B. Significance of Topic: Globalization started with easier travel in the aspect of both information and humans. Globalization is an incredibly fast process and it allows many common people to experience another horizon, while only a few could dream of it just a few decades ago. Globalization in the aspect of information can be compared to a series of nuclear explosions.* Imagine every little society had its garage for storing information and globalization was a sort of flight of full force nuclear bombs falling into each society. When those bombs exploded, all the information are broken into shreds and dust which made up a giant dust
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Example: Let 's take a drastic example. Say someone was new to London, and they went to the city of London, and was astonished that getting to work included walking past London Eye, a tourist attraction. And their acquaintance, a Londoner, said, as a joke, “Yes, I take a ride on the London Eye after work from time to time, and the best thing about working in London, you don 't need a watch, you just look at the Big Ben to check the time. That person could take this joke as the truth, and go back and tell their friends the same thing, maybe adding something on. This is information taken out of context. So is American movies depicting large house party ragers and this leading to belief among others that most American high schoolers party outrageously every other…show more content…
Sub-point 2: After some miscalculated conclusions pile up to some level, the second step, stereotyping, is initiated. ** F. Explanation: Stereotyping is fun, it 's a quick way to recognize why people are different- because they 're from somewhere, or their parents are and so on. “People like them all do that” is the sole essence of stereotyping. Stereotyping acts as a reinforcement, proof, to those misled conclusions of step 1, which would be unacceptable in mathematics; as you can never use the proposition, you are trying to prove, in the proof of that proposition, otherwise it 's simply wrong. But, we aren 't all mathematicians, and thus stereotypes work very well in our society. G. Example: Let 's take an example. A stereotype: “All British food taste bad.” Surely, taste is subjective, but how can be this true? We can take it from two sides, when British food means traditional British food and when British food means food sold in the UK. In the first case, proving is slightly harder as traditional cuisine is hard to define. Nonetheless, no one would oppose to the fact that an English breakfast, a Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding are British in origin. These dishes are loved by many people all over the world. In the second case, just count how many Michelin starred restaurants are within London. Obviously a Michelin star is not implicit, but it is an

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