Informative Speech On Grand Canyon

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Eric Carltock
Elements of Public Speaking 100
Section 01, 2017 Spring, Monday Wednesday Friday
Professor: Diana Alblinger
Speech of Description: The Grand Canyon General Purpose: To Describe and Inform
Specific Purpose: To give a reason and cost to visiting the Grand Canyon
Central Idea: The Grand Canyon is a great place to visit, and is closer than you think.
I. Today I want to take us on a trip to the Grand Canyon. It is after all one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and its closer than you think. I was eight or nine when I first visited the Grand Canyon over 30 years ago. Even today it is a memory that will forever be in my mind. I think the Grand Canyon should be visited by anyone who is fortunate to be
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1. The Grand Canyon is a one mile deep, 277 miles long and 18 miles wide according to the website. But did you know that it isn’t the deepest? According to website, that belongs to the Yarlung canyon in Tibet, which is more than 2 miles deeper.
2. It’s so big that you can put Manhattan inside the Grand Canyon 58 times, according to
3. It’s absolutely stunning; the myriad of colors that you see at the Grand Canyon is like a giant kaleidoscope. It’s as if someone had painted the canyon with bright, bold swaths of paint, then moved on with even more. Just looking over the railing to the massive canyon will make you breathless as you realize that a river could carve through the earth on such a massive
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1. There is a tremendous list of things to do once you get there. has a great list of activities to plan on, but I would like to point out the three basic things that you can find there.
2. The first of the things that I would recommend is a bit pricy but was by far the best to do was a Helicopter Tour. When I went back to visit the Grand Canyon a few years ago I did this, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.
3. Another thing that you can do is of course Whitewater raft. This takes a bit of planning and takes all day to go down the stretch of the Colorado River, but it comes highly recommended.
4. The last item besides white water rafting and helicopter tours, is taking one of the various tours or hiking trails available. It’s a great way to discover the canyon and get lots of stunning pictures.
[Transition] Lastly I want to talk about the costs that you might face if you were to travel to the Grand Canyon
1. The first item on my list was helicopter tours. Well they run about 200 dollars, and are usually only half an hour or so, gives a comprehensive list of helicopter tours and prices as well as
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