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Attention Getter: Have you ever been to a gym and have felt frustrated because you couldn’t find what you were looking for, or got stuck by someone who had bad hygiene, or had someone come up to you and try to hold a conversation? Well I have, and it was not a pleasant work out!
Topic, plus Importance/Reason for the Audience to Listen: I think everyone needs to know the rules to follow when working out in a gym because at some point I am sure we have all been to the gym, and I don’t think you want to be that person that is bothering someone else due to your actions or stink. I am going over this because some companies offer gym members and with that you are representing that company while you are at the gym.
Establish your credibility to speak
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SUB-POINT: Keep your distance from people!
1. This is like the saying, don’t burst someone’s bubble. Try not to work out too close to someone beside you. It can make someone feel very uncomfortable
2. Pick an area that gives you room, if its crowded maybe be the bigger person and find an area that isn’t as crowded.
3. If there is more than one piece of equipment open then don’t go right next to someone, but if it’s the last one available then go ahead and use it.
B. SUB-POINT: Towel and cleanliness
According to WebMD, if you exercise at a school gym or field, health club, private gym, or tennis club, you’re bound to be exposed to sweaty clothes, germ-ridden exercise equipment, or both.
1. Make sure you bring a towel if your gym doesn’t have them, so you are not dripping sweat everywhere. Wipe up your sweat if it does drip.
2. Make sure you don’t stink before you go work out because it will only get worse.
3. Make sure to use hand sanitizer so you can get rid of those germs lingering around in the gym.
4. Do not wear the same clothes for more than one work out.
(Transition Statement) Now that I have told you about respecting others space, I will talk about avoiding chitchat and selfies.
III. The third main point: Avoid chitchat and

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