Informative Speech On Halloween

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Who else is ready for Halloween? While everyone is goo-goo-ga-ga over all things pumpkin spice, I am currently counting down the days to Halloween. Halloween, the one day I can dress up and be anyone I want to be. While I love changing up my hair color, that 's as far I usually go. That 's why I couldn 't resist making this Halloween Witch Wreath, because it 's so me. My kids would tell you that yes "the witch is in".

This year Madison and I will be celebrating Halloween at Walt Disney World with Mickey and friends, at the Mickey 's Not So Scary Halloween Party. If you would love to join us, I wrote about what you can expect in a previous post. Since I won 't be around for Halloween, I wanted my home to reflect the season, but didn 't
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DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

Supplies Needed

Wreath form (we used a metal one but you can use foam as well)
Fake spiders
Clip on bats 'The Witch Is In ' wooden sign
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Cut about 8 inches of your decorative mesh to use as your door hanger. Don 't worry, you should have enough to wrap around your wreath form.

Step 2. Wrap the remaining mesh around your wreath and carefully secure the ends ribbon in place with hot glue.

Step 3. Your witch sign comes attached with ribbons. Cut the ribbons so you can use the sign separately on your wreath. Arrange them on whichever side you prefer and hot glue them in place. For this, I placed it on the right. I didn 't notice that it wasn 't perfectly aligned until after I had already glued the sign in place.

Step 4. Attach your spiders and other decorations with your glue gun. I decided to add a few halloween colored branches by just sticking them in between the decorative mesh. This is optional, but I personally believe the added touch looks great.

Step 5. Tie your 8inch mesh that you first cut in step 1 and tie it around your wreath. This will be used to hang on your door.

Hang on your door and enjoy your one of a kind
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