Informative Speech On Health Simulators

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What would you think if you walked into a hospital filled with people, but the people weren't really people, they are manikins that simulate patients. I know what you're thinking, Pretty Little Liars scenario, but this isn't a horror story. All across the country using health simulators to train MED students and even sharpen the skills of surgeons, is becoming more commonplace. What is a health simulator? What do they do? Are there different kinds? These are all questions i'm assuming that you are asking right about now, but dont worry, im going to tell you. Health simulators are a new technology used in the medical field to help get training nurses, surgeons, EMT’s, doctors, etc. used to the feeling of working on a patient. When you are constantly learning from a textbook you only get the mental aspect of the process, but then when they get out there they have no idea what to do, because they are not used to thinking on their toes in times of crisis. Health simulators are exactly what they sound like, they simulate patients, they talk, blink, breath, and have any medical condition they are trained to have. The only thing the trainee has to do is keep the pulse on the health simulator, because if you lose a health simulator, it's like losing a…show more content…
Sometimes health simulators cause trainees to feel too safe in the hospital environment and when they are put in the real world, with real life crises, they are frozen because they have no clue what to do. On the other hand they do give the trainees a kind of self confidence that can only be gained through self accomplishment, which helps them more calm and seemingly professional in the real world. Whether or not health simulators are positive or negative is really an idea for you to gnaw on, maybe if you had more knowledge you could decipher the facts for yourself, and draw your own
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