Informative Speech On Heart Cancer

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Imagine feeling a sharp pain like a knife in your chest, not knowing whether you’ll live or die. This is reality for some heart cancer patients. Heart cancer is a serious disease, because it is so serious people should take the time to study its rarity, its symptoms, treatments, prevention, and the history. Heart cancer is referred to as Primary Cardiac Tumor. The malignant is a cancerous tumor and causes cancer. The more common one is benign and this one is not cancerous. You might hear people say primary and secondary tumors. A primary tumor is one that originates in the heart, a secondary tumor is one that is spread to the heart. (National Cancer Institute)You might be asking yourself “How does cancer spread?” Cancer spreads through the bloodstream or heart lining. Mayo Clinic has found it comes from other…show more content…
(Moynihan pg. 319) Dr. Robert J. Cusimano, a cardiac surgeon at Toronto General Hospital says, “If there is metastases to the heart, the prognosis is pretty bad.” So what he is saying is try not to get metastases. Let’s takes a look at the history now. Heart Cancer was first called cancer by Greek physician Hippocrates (460-370 B.C.) He is considered the “Father of Medicine.” But later Roman physician Celsus (28-50 B.C.) translated the Greek term into cancer, the Latin word for crab. It was Galen (130-200 A.D.) another Roman physician, who used the oncos (greek for swelling) to describe tumors. Oncos is the root word for oncology or study of cancers. (Ewer, pg. 320) 1934 marks the year that the first clinical antemortem diagnosis. The actual treatment began in 1938. (Ewer, pg. 320) In conclusion this paper does not tell every detail and fact about heart cancer, however it does have a lot. People should be encouraged to take some more time to read and possibly even study heart cancer. It all starts with
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