Informative Speech On Heart Murmur

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Imagine your gym teacher telling you that you have to run a mile without pacing yourself, you have to sprint the whole time! That is what the hearts who have a murmur have to do in order for you to stay alive! Heart murmurs are not actually considered a disease, but if a person has or thinks he might he should educate himself about what it is, types of heart murmur, and the treatments for such a disease. Some people may ask “what is a heart murmur?” Well a heart murmur is the sound of blood flowing/ pumping throughout your heart. Normally there’s a problem valve that makes your heart beat faster. (American Heart Staff “What are Heart Murmurs?”). This forces your heart to work harder than normal; however, this is fortunately not considered a disease and they’re normally harmless. (WebMD staff “Heart Murmur”). Doctors most often find these at annual check ups. (American Heart staff “What are Heart Murmurs?”). These are most likely to pop up during infancy. In fact forty to forty-five percent of children have one and only about ten percent of adults. (WebMD…show more content…
These kind of murmurs do not need any medications or surgeries, doctors just monitor them. Also, depending on what you’re doing, they may even appear and then reappear. The two other names for the innocent murmurs are functional or physiological murmurs. (American Heart Staff “What are Heart Murmurs?).
The next type of murmur is an abnormal one. These can be very dangerous and can be linked to an overworked heart valve. There are so many symptoms for this kind of murmur which include: chest pain, breathlessness, fainting for no reason, and heart palpitations. (WebMD Staff “Heart Murmur”). This murmur can absolutely be fatal if the patient have holes in their heart, heart valve issues, or any valve calcifications. (Dittmer, Lori 9). This all really depends on what is causing the murmur to determine whether it’s harmless or not. (Dittmer Lori
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