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Have you ever seen something with four hooves? It could've been a horse.This is going to tell you about these majestic animals. Have you ever wonderd where a horse lives? Depending on the type of horse is where they live. For example, an American Quarter horse can live on ranches, Mustangs can live out in the wild and Pinto horse can be found in a pasture. They can live all over the world. If they live out in the wild their enviroment can be diffrent. In the wild they can have trees, tanks and grasslands, or if they live on a ranch, it can be a working environment. Herding cattle, patroling the ranch,pulling wagons, roping cattle, searching for a missing person, and going on trail rides are examples of an working enviroment.…show more content…
Well, there are more than 330 types of horses. I have four breeds of horses listed after this. Here are the examples, Halflinger, Quarter horse, Paint horse, Welsh cob and so many more. The Halflinger is used for working on a farm, pulling a plow, and hauling very heavy loads.They have very strong, tough moutain feet. Haflingers are name after the village of Halfling in southern Tirol. A Quarter horse can be used for hearding cattle, roping and late night patroling on the ranch. They are 14.2 to 15.2 hands tall. They can live up to twenty to thirty years of age. A Welsh Cob is used for hunting, round performer, competitive sports and heavy work on the hill farms. They can be 13.2 to 14.2 to 15.2 hands tall. And a Paint horse is particuarly associated with the North American

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