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Have you ever felt thirsty on a hot day, but you have nothing to drink? If you do, I have the perfect solution for this issue. When I need a refreshing drink, I make Kool-Aid. Who likes sugar? That’s good because Kool-Aid has alot of sugar in it. I love sugar, which is why I love Kool-Aid. I am actually a Kool-Aid expert. I make it everyday and I always try out different combinations of flavors. Today, I will teach you how to make the perfect grape Kool-Aid. First, I will tell you why making Kool-Aid can be important.
There are many reasons to make Kool-Aid. The first reason is for parties. If you need to bring a drink for a party, save money by making Kool-Aid. Another reason to make it is to make money. Some people make money at lemonade stands, you can set up a Kool-Aid stand. The third reason is for a meal. If you need a something to drink with your food, make Kool-Aid. But you can’t make it if you don’t know how, so today I will teach all of you.
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You can also get ice cubes if it isn’t cold enough. Your first step is to fill your pitcher with water, don’t fill it too high because it will spill when you start to stir. Next step, add about two cups of sugar and two packets of Kool-Aid. Then stir for about 30 seconds. Once it is completely stirred you can serve it.
That’s it. That is my favorite way to make Kool-Aid. I hope everyone can go home knowing how to make Kool-Aid, and maybe you will use it in the

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